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Can't manage to hold tension with yarn...



Hi, so I know someone has made a thread about the opposite problem just a bit ago but I couldn't find anything about not being able to hold tension.

I have very dry hands due to my day to day work so yarn slips across my skin very easily. Also, my hands are fairly small and not so flexible when if comes to fancy grips and such. This isn't something that is fixable. I was just born this way.

Does anyone have tips on holding tension on the working yarn so that it doesn't slack and inevitably unravel mid work? I have tried lotion and hand masks but nothing is resorting moisture in my hands (the lack of moisture is a side effect of medications I'm on, not because I'm deliberately dehydrated.) I've also tried wrapping the yarn around my fingers in a rather intricate way but it inevitably falls off due to lack of grip.

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2 minutes ago, bgs said:

This is how I hold yarn.


I think it takes a whole lot of practice to get comfortable with however you decide to hold yarn.  It feels very awkward when I switch back and forth between thread and yarn until I get used to it.

This is almost exactly how I've been holding mine and it the best combo I have tried so far but still not effective enough. I also wrap it around my pinky and weave it between my fingers for extra support.

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