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Hi Hello Everyone! for context, I am a beginner at crocheting. I have made granny squares, some amigurumi plushes, and a few star keychains! For my next feat, I want to make a blanket but the math and such confuses me. Ill start with what I have. I have 2 balls of Bernat Blanket yarn that are 220 yards each. I plan to make a striped blanket using the tightest stitch possible. so my questions are: 

-What is the best stitch to use?

-How big can I make this blanket?

-Are there any websites/ YouTube tutorials I can follow? (I've looked but it doesn't seem like many follow exactly what I'm trying to do)

To add, I can not read crochet patterns so most of what I've made has been following YouTube tutorials. Any help is appreciated thank you for reading <3

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Welcome to the 'ville!  And to crochet!

You don't have quite enough yarn for a blanket @440 yards.  This is super bulky yarn, the skeins look big but the yarn is so big and thick there's very little 'mileage' worth of yarn.  For some reason beginners are drawn to big fat yarn, but it is really a lot more expensive to work with.  

https://www.yarnspirations.com/bernat-blanket-yarn--300g-10.5-oz-/161110.html  link to what I'm guessing is your yarn (description and yardage match)

Here is a blanket pattern of chunky yarn that is 48x52" (small couch throw size) and takes 698 yards (same brand, different yarn, and 1 yarn size smaller).  This is a super easy stitch, and works well with fat yarn because sometimes with large format fluffy yarn it is hard to see what you are doing.  The stitch is alternating sc and chain 1, the only difference is you have to make sure there is a SC not a chain at the end of each row (the pattern tells you what to do).  So you really don't need a video for this pattern; you will also probably want to use a bigger hook called out as well.  But, you're also going to need another skein or 2, or settle for a smaller blanket.




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