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Wee Irish Chain


I love doing C2C blankets but this one confuses me.  The "note" says, "When working the vertical Blocks of CC, use a separate skein for each set of Blocks."  Does that mean I have to crochet this blanket with 4 or more skeins of CC connected on the wrong side for the entire blanket?  Please send back a reply.  Is it possible to just cut the CC color to avoid so much bulk and then weave in the ends?

Thanks!  Look forward to a response.

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Welcome to the 'ville! It is not unusual to have multiple skeins or bobbins hanging off your piece when you are changing colors-- I just see as I typed that NCcountrygal has said the same thing.  There is no added 'bulk' in the fabric if that is what you mean, but it's a little more unwieldy to handle with all that stuff hanging from your work - the trade off is that there is LESS cutting and weaving in, and the cutting/weaving does add a little bulk.

Edited to add a photo to illustrate bobbins, the red was in narrow widely spaced lines above the brim of the hat so I had a bunch of red bobbins dangling off the piece.  (Ignore the light blue swatch at the right, it was a stitch experiment).

Neva Hat In Process.JPG

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I’m assuming your c2c is a photo design of some sort.  You can make small balls of the colors you’ll be carrying   Depending on the frequency of changes if you cut frequently you may have problems later with keeping ends secured and not unraveling all that effort. 

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