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Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball (and Cake)

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Lion Brand classifies it as #4 US weight yarn, which is the same weight class as Red Heart Super Saver.  The yarn is not at all consistent in weight and texture throughout the ball.  I tried it a couple of years ago since it looked interesting in the ball, but I probably wouldn't buy it again--it wasn't awful, just wasn't my cup of tea. 

I made a capelet with it, making up a pattern - basically using the shaping concept of a top-down raglan but kept increasing until I ran out of yarn, which was about at the elbows, which is what I was going for, and used a H hook.

My project notes posted on another forum  - "Initially tried to knit with this yarn, did not like the look of knit stitches with the tight kinks and extreme variations of thick and thin texture (from doily thread to nearly bulky).  Switched to crochet, had difficulty seeing the stitch tops due to the kinky texture so switched again to a more open V-stitch pattern in order to see where to make the stitches, and to 'stretch' the yarn a bit as I realized I would otherwise run short with 1 ball.  This is more like slubby doily cotton with occasional fluffy spots rather than 'mohair-like' as advertised . "

So, maybe they recommended the bigger hook for the same reason I switched to a 'holey' pattern, because it is easier to work with when it is open/looser.

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I contacted Lion Brand when the yarn first came out with the same questions. Their response was the larger hook allowed for the variance in the yarn changes and to give shawls more drape. Of course, preference is totally up to the person using the yarn.

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