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Is this pet hair that's stuck in my yarn?

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In this 2ndhand mystery yarn I bought there is some mysterious black fibers/hair(?) that is in it. I thought it was a feature at first but I noticed that it detaches easily even if it's embedded into the plys themselves! Can anyone tell if it is actually pet hair or is it just stray fiber??



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If whoever spun this had a lamb or alpaca as a pet, maybe (kidding).  I agree with NCcountrygal, said it appears to be part of the yarn, not just on the yarn.

Some yarn is spun with a mix of fibers, it could be that one of the species' fiber used is a different texture, or it's all 1 type of animal but fiber from 1 area of the fleece is coarser than other areas.  Or it could be man-made fiber trying to fake being rustic looking.  What does the yarn label say the fiber content is?

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No label unfortunately. I'm guessing it might be an animal fiber or at least blend because its fibers feel different from my normal acrylic stash.

I think the little black stuff adds to the look, honestly. Rustic indeed. It's just that it got everywhere on my stuff when I skeined it last night.

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