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Welcome to the 'ville, Zanders.  I don't know if we have one or not, members contribute patterns they've designed themselves, or cool pattern links they found 'somewhere' and want to share, but there is no organization to them like sites that focuses on hosting patterns; Crochetville is primarily a discussion forum.  

However, to your question - without seeing the pattern, with some trial and error one could probably do some swatching with different sized hooks, or try a lighter weight yarn.  Here is a site that tells you 'head sizes' for men, women, and kids to guide you.

General hat-making math, for a top-down beanie sort of hat - which should pertain if the cowboy had is made is made top down.  Circumference = pi x diameter.  I like to use my head measurement because the math comes out even, and I don't have to grab my calculator--my head is 22" measuring where a beanie's brim would sit - that's circumference.  For a beanie, you divide the circumference by 3.14 (pi), which is exactly 7" for a  22" head.  So to make a beanie to fit, you make a flat circle that is 7", and then stop increasing until you get the depth you want.

Good luck!  We have a help section here if you get stuck, hopefully you won't but just in case... :)


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