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Inspiring Star Wars Crochet (anything is possible with Crochet!)

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My name is Toby and I am a teenager from the UK who has enjoyed crocheting for 7 years now. Crochet has always been a hobby for me and it gives me such joy. I would use it in my school art projects and to make my own toys! I started off by crochet almost all of the native UK birds from a book and then moved onto making animal models (I am also a huge wildlife fan!). This meant I learnt to improvise and am now able to crochet almost anything without need for a pattern. I have been told to do exhibitions all my life and so recently I took it upon myself to start a Youtube Channel where I do some tutorials and also share my crochet projects. For the last 2 years I have been making star wars figures and have built multiple large collections of a couple of hundred figures! I just love to create these characters and now I have decided to share it with the world. I have had experience of selling these figures on Ebay and had success but I did not want my hobby to be orientated around money so I stopped this. My channel is star wars focused currently as this is where my heart is at at the moment but I will expand to show my wildlife models, my Marvel figures and soo much more. I do not wish to advertise for personal reasons but I want to inspire as I believe there are many people who have such great ability but are scared to improvise. I have shown that through crochet anything is possible and I want other people to know this as well. My channel is called 'The Crocheteer' and here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfdBfFg9WnnyfkUDkV4Jxw
Thank you for reading this,

Here are some Images of things I have made :










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It is great seeing young people take up the craft.  You are very skilled.  I wish you the best on your YouTube channel.  

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Wow and welcome to Crochetville.  As has been said, that is one impressive collection.  So precise and very precious.

Please stay and enjoy yourself.

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