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Have you tried making slippers using Tunisian crochet? Because of the nature of the craft, the fabric that is built is very dense and is perfect for making slippers!

I started this project as an experiment to try shaping with short rows. It turned into these lovely slippers that I’ve been using to keep my feet warm during chilly spring days!

This pattern uses only Tunisian Simple Stitches and takes advantage of short rows to shape the slippers. This is a fairly quick project and, since it comes in 9 sizes, it is a perfect for making a set for yourself and your little ones!

At the end of the pattern, I talk about how these slippers can be secured on the tiny feet of toddlers so they don’t come off while they walk!







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I am so wanting to try Tunisian crochet. This is they type of project that encourages me to do so!

These are a beautiful design, particularly the stripes. Well done, you!


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Thank you Moz! :) I am glad to hear that you like these slippers. If you are a beginner, I recommend trying to make a small swatch of the Tunisian Simple Stitch with a yarn that you are most comfortable with. That will help you figure out how to maintain tension and get your stitches to be even. Once that's done, these slippers will be easy to make! I also have a video tutorial to help with all the tricky parts. If you have any questions along the way or to share pictures (I'd love to see what you make), please feel free to reach out to me (knitterknotter@gmail.com).


~ Arunima

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