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Hello, I am a beginner crocheter and I would like to learn how to make my own patterns in Amigurumi. I’m interested in selling my work for others to enjoy. I want to make my own patterns in order to do so. While there ARE patterns that can be redistributed, I feel bad in making profit off other peoples patterns. So any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Some designers give you permission to sell things using their patterns so no problem on those particuliar patterns.

There is no fast easy way to gain the experience you need to accomplish your goal.  It will only come with time and practice.  After  working other designers patterns for awhile you will learn their techniques and figure out how to combine them and apply them to get the effect you want.  There is some basic info out there on amigurumi techniques and basic shapes.   

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Welcome to the 'ville!

This is going to be discouraging advice, but--there is little money to be made in selling crochet end-products.  Where I am located, craft fair booths selling knit or crochet items are barely (if at all) recouping the cost of the yarn to make the item.

I am not a designer, nor am I an 'expert' crocheter, but have made a lot of different things, from clothes to toys to doilies.  I would say the path to becoming a designer is probably similar to my crochet project path - I have learned a LOT from following patterns, including knowing what to do to re-size something, to keep a flat in-the-round item from cupping and ruffling, what to do to shape something a certain way, that sort of thing. 

It is going to take a lot of time and projects under your belt to be able to design something of your own, and a DIFFERENT skillset of clear pattern writing to convey it so others can follow your patterns.  We have seen SO MANY horribly written patterns here in the help section, with a really nice looking end item.

BGS answered as I was typing - she is right, in the USA unless it is a licensed character (Mickey Mouse or Star Wars character for example), you can sell an item made from, or based on, someone else's pattern.  The copyright is for the 'written word and images' of a pattern, not a useful item made from a copyrighted pattern.

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