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Cochet magazine's Seacliff tunic


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Orienting myself...so the white lace is made first, then the blue shirt part, and they are sewn together at the end.

There is a note at the beginning of the 'body front' section that the bodice and sleeves are worked in 1 piece in rows from the bottom up.  So the blue part will look like a sleeved shirt with a front and back neckline down to your waist until it's assembled to the ecru part.

So if you are just arriving at the right sleeve, you've already made an 18 row rectangle (hem to bottom of medallion), then worked back and forth between the medallion shaping on 1 side and the right edge, and now you are going to make  the right sleeve protrude from the right edge making a bunch of chains (the underarm of the sleeve) and work back across sleeve and body to the 'medallion edge', turn, work across the body and the sleeve, and so on.  If you look at the schematic of the piece on the pattern's page 6 it might help you to visualize where you are (I hope)

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