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V-Stitch help


Hi! I'm getting ambitious and decided to crochet a cardigan for my wife. I wanted to double check with the pros so that I can make sure I'm doing this v-stitch pattern right (I'm only in the first row so I need to know so I can start over if I need to).

The directions are basically skip 2, (dc, ch1, dc) and repeat. Now when I skip two, am I counting one of the stitches that I just crocheted into, or does that one not count and I skip the NEXT two? Because at the end I'm supposed to have 80 dc, and I don't think I'm going to have enough at this point. 

I'll take a picture to try and help explain better what I'm talking about.



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Welcome to the 'ville, and your photo looks like you are on the right track :hook

When you skip 2, no you are not skipping one you just worked into.  

Think of it this way; to keep your fabric flat, you have to keep the stitch count the same, in other words don't increase or decrease the total stitch count in a row.

Your V stitch (dc, ch1, dc) is 3 stitches into 1.  To keep the stitch count in a row the same, think of the V stitch needing to use 3 stitches from the row below to keep the fabric flat.  To do that, the (dc, ch1, dc) skips a stitch on either side of it, so skipping 2 chains is skipping 1 for the side of the V stitch you just finished, and skipping the second of the side of the V stitch you are about to make.

If your next row is also V stitches of the same format--since you are not working into chains any more, you (probably) won't have to skip anything; a common way to work multiple rows of V stitches is to put a V stitch over the the chain of the V stitch in the row below. *

The first row into a chain is often the one you have to pay the most attention to for many stitch patterns (especially lacy-ish ones), because it sets up the pattern's base; after that the stitches (often) tell you what to do.

* I guess it depends on how you look at it - technically you are still skipping the DCs in this case, but think of a V-stitch as '1 assembly', therefore making 1 assembly into 1 identical assembly across a row isn't skipping anything.   


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