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Yarn & colours baby fabulous

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Hi everyone, I’m new to crochet and I’ve made a couple of projects using the yarn & colours baby fabulous yarn. I really like it but I’m struggling to get hold of it in the UK. Does anyone know if it’s being discontinued? 
Also, does anyone know of any similar yarn to that one? 
thanks everyone


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Welcome to the 'ville!  I'm in the US, so I had to look up that yarn (so no familiarity with it being discontinued or not, but yarn styles DO come and go)...I'm surprised it uses US yarn weight 'terms' (4-medium) which is I believe UK 8-10 ply.

The unusual thing (to me)  is that it's 45% cotton 55% acrylic, that's the part that may make a substitute hard(er) to find.  

Here is a search on Ravelry of all yarns that are US weight 4 and are acrylic and cotton blend.  Worsted and Aran weight, you can see the selection at the left side and make changes.  Some of these may be 'extinct', but it might give you ideas to check for substitutes from brands that you know in the UK. 


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On 4/16/2021 at 3:31 PM, ReniC said:

I found this UK store site. Hope it helps.

That is the same yarn she is looking for! :)

I always wonder how you do that..???. You are capable of finding EVERYTHING & ANYTHING!!. Even in UK :)


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