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Stuck on a cardigan pattern


Hello everyone, am new here and new to crochet. I am a beginner and I found a pattern that might be a little out of reach for me. I’ve been doing really well at crocheting it so far and it’s been teaching me a lot!!! Anyways I am completely stumped at the pocket placing part. I will include a link below (if I can cause I am brand new on this form). I believer with this pattern you’re doing the pockets before and then crocheting them on as you create the cardigan. I have tried to look this cardigan up online to see if others have done it but I’ve had no luck. And usually I have noticed that people sew or crochet pockets on last so I was also wondering if it would be easier if I altered the pattern and did that instead. 

edit: also at the directions “place pocket” it says WS which makes sense  then I get completely lost at “1 hdc in each of 23 hdc from Pocket Lining. Skip next 23 hdc”. And then I get lost towards the end of that section where it says turn. It doesn’t say whether sideways or right side. I’m assuming right side but then on the next page it says to “Cont in Bobble Pat as follows
1st row: (RS). “. And I’m lost there because wouldn’t I be on the right side?


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2 pocket linings are made first, which are 23 dc across and worked in rows until they are 4.5" inches deep.

It's OK to post a line or 2 of a pattern, so I'll do that - my notes in red, also added some bolding for orientation.

Place pocket: Next row: (WS). Ch 2. 1 hdc in each of first 10 (12- 12-14-16-18) hdc of the body (see diagram, it's made in 1 piece up to the armholes, the diagram has 2 short horizontal lines on the jacket fronts where the pocket tops will be).

1 hdc in each of 23 hdc from Pocket Lining. (so you stop working across the body and veer off to the lining)  Skip next 23 hdc (this skipping will form the hole, that dashed line on the diagram - the pockets are on the inside of the jacket) . 1 hdc in each hdc to last 33 (35-35-37-39-41) hdc.) (again, you stop working across the body and veer off to the OTHER lining )1 hdc in each of 23 hdc from 2nd Pocket Lining. Skip next 23 hdc. (this skipping forms the other pocket hole)1 hdc in each of last 10 (12-12-14- 16-18) this last group is on the body, and brings to to the other edge of the sweater.. Turn. 139 (155-171- 187-203-227) hdc

On page 4 of the pattern (right above the small photos showing the front and back of the assembled sweater) it tells you to hand sew the side and bottom edges of the pocket to the wrong side of the  sweater.  So the only evidence of the pockets from the front will be 2 slits.


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