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Crochet Yarn Question.

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When I need to make something in a little bit of a rush, I use Red Heart's Soft. It's one of the few brands I can find in my area.

One of my all time favorites for throws and afghans is Lion Brand- Vanna's Choice, mostly for it's ease of use and care and the wide range of colors. For baby blankets and scarves I like to use a 3 weight acrylic like Lion Brand-Ice Cream line. Their Cotton-Bamboo yarn is nice and soft too. I don't like using wools for baby's or small children due to sensitivities.

Knitpicks.com has some nice yarns also in different weights that I've used several times.

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Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. I make tons of toys and this yarn is softer than Red Heart Super Saver yet gives the same size and look. 

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All my faves are discontinued and not available.  Anyway, available or not, my fave still is:

Berroco Cotolana, a chainette, #4, cotton, wool & nylon.   Just the most perfect yarn, at least where #4 is concerned.  


Nice to see others' choices.  Hope everyone will comment here as to what they love.  There's so many yarns to choose from nowadays.  


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