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Seeking crocheters for the NatCroMo Blog Tour 2021

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It's time for National Crochet Month! And that means we are hosting our annual NatCroMo Blog Tour!

We are looking for crochet hobbyists – everyday crocheters like you – to participate in the tour this year! Last year we included a few crochet hobbyists and it was a great hit! Everyone enjoyed it – the participants and our readers. So I am asking the most dedicated crocheters I know – Crochetville forum members – will you be on our blog tour?

If you want to participate, message me on the forum and I will send you the password to our NatCroMo Participants Forum where you can get all the details and sign up.


If you're wondering how a "crochet hobbyist" post looks live on the Crochetville blog, here are some good examples of featured crochet hobbyists from last year:



The theme this year is The Crochet Concert. We'll be asking "get to know you" questions like if music is a source of inspiration for your crochet creativity, and if not, what is something that helps fuel your creative inspiration (maybe interacting with people in this forum! :yes).

Also in keeping with our theme, we are asking you to show-and-tell three of your projects: Opening Act (a quick or easy project), Showstopper (an exceptional or unique project), and Crocheter’s Choice (any project of your choice). Your projects do not need to relate to music! The theme is really centered around the "get to know you" questions we ask, not the projects themselves. Although sometimes people coincidentally have projects that do go along with the them.


:ty  I'm really looking forward to this!



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