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Welcome to the 'ville!

I don't know what 'dnt' means, is that maybe a typo?  Also "ch11dc spaced evenly up", I'm going to guess that should have been "chain 1, dc spaced evenly up"?

To stitch 'evenly' into what I assume are row ends not stitches, that's a sort of eyeball thing.  Is this pattern in UK or US terms?  If your DC is a UK DC, then usually you can just put 1 UK DC into each row-end of a UK DC, but 'eyeball' if it's starting to not lie flat, add or subtract a stitch to that scheme every so often, to keep it flat.

If this is US DC, the row ends are 'wider', usually 2 DC into each row end works but you might have to tweak every so often to keep it flat; usually I put 1 DC into the 'space' between where the end stitch of 1 round was made into the first stitch of the prior round, and then the next DC either around, or into the center of the 'body' of the DC ahead of me; alternately you could just put 2 DC into or around the 'body' of the edge DC--whatever you choose, be consistent.



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