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Giraffe picture add to Safari Baby Blanket

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Here is the third and final blanket my friend asked for.  Each animal is a square and each square is done in c2c.  You can make them with sc, but they will be much smaller.

There is a tiger, elephant, giraffe, zebra, hippo and lioness.  I did it in 2x3 squares and it is big enough.  There are many more of these squares right here.  My Hobby Is Crochet: FREE CROCHET PATTERNS & TUTORIALS.  

The web site is my holly is crochet.  I found her thru FB.

Anyway, each square is 15 x 15.

As soon as the giraffe stuffy is done, it will go to my friend.


Baby Afghans (9).JPG

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1 hour ago, judianne said:

Mary Jo, that's adorable!!!  I saved the link...after you said you could also make it with sc - I never got into c2c.

Just remember the squares will be smaller.  I also used ww Red Heart Super Savor and a G hook.  

Thank you all.  I had fun making this and the person getting it can't wait to see it in person.

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  • Tampa Doll changed the title to Giraffe picture add to Safari Baby Blanket

Well, the giraffe is done that is going with the blanket.

The giraffe is 10 inches Tall.  It is from the Annie's Attic pattern Itty Bitty Animals.  They are usually made out of thread, but I used ww yarn and a G hook.  In thread this giraffe is 4 inches tall.

I have sent a picture to my friend to show her what will be going with the blanket.


Baby Giraffe (2).JPG

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