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Need help with poppy pattern


Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to crochet and find it particularly hard to read patterns. 

I started working on a crochet poppy pattern but got very confused on what I should be doing in row 4 as I only have 16 back loops from row 2 so I’m not understanding how they finish row 4 with a stitch count of 24. Would someone be able to show me how to do this with a photo or video tutorial?



kind regards, Emma


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Welcome to the 'ville!

Do you understand FLO and BLO?  Because if you don't, I can see rnd 4 being confusing.  It means -- the top of a crochet stitch has 2 loops, like this =, (hard to type in 3 dimensions, but if you tilt the = away from you, the bottom line is the front loop and the top line is the back loop).  Usually you make a stitch under both loops, but you can use one or the other, or work into the same stitch twice by working into one of the loops on the first pass, and the other loop on the next (or later) pass.

In row 3 you work only into the front loop of row 2, and fasten off.

In row 4 you fasten on in a different spot to offset the petals, and work into the as yet unused back loop of row 2.

I don't have the means to make a video, but this link might help in general for front verus back loop https://www.anniescatalog.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=63&type_id=S

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I just worked the pattern, taking a break on my project.  R4 you are making sc in the blo (back loop) of r3. Alternating sc,2sc,sc around (24sts). R5 are the petals for back row.  Photo shows you the backside view. I’ve started on row 5 petals in the sc of r4.  


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