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Squares Ending Up as Triangles


Hi, I’ve just recently started crocheting and I am trying to make squares using double crochet (UK). I’ve had to restart many times as it keeps on ending up triangular, with the bottom wider than the top. I decided that I was doing the end stitch of each row wrong so I tried doing it differently and now it’s triangular in the other direction (bottom thinner than the top)! I also don’t really know what the end stitch is supposed to look like. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

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Welcome to the 'ville!  I assume you are working in rows, not in rounds?

You must be losing stitches as you go.  For UK DC, you chain 1 more than the final stitch count - example, if it is 20 stitches across, chain 21, DC in the second chain and in all the rest of the chains across.  Chain 1, turn (or turn, chain 1, doesn't matter), and DC across all of the DC--the turning chain, for UK DC, is not stitched into (normally).

If you can't tell what the end stitch is supposed to look like, It may help you to put a stitch marker in the first and last DC of the very first row, and move the markers up each row so you know you haven't skipped any end stitches by mistake; also count the stitches every few rows to make sure you are on track.  I like to use bobby pins (Kirby grips) for stitch markers, they are much cheaper than craft store stitch markers; they stay "put" fairly well and if you lose one, they are much cheaper to replace.

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