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I have started a pattern with 136 DC in row 1 followed the pattern for row two until it says "repeat pattern across 124 dc and 12ch-2 sps, what is 12 ch-2sps? do I dc across the remaining 12 dc in the row??

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We really need the instructions for that entire row exactly as written in the pattern to help but this is my first guess with what you have given us.

I am guessing somewhere in row 2 instructions you were told to do some dc's then  ch 2 , skip a stitch on previous row make more dc and another ch 2 etc. Whatever the combo of dc and ch the pattern told you to do is repeated all away across row 1.  The 124 dc and 12 ch-2 sps is the stitch count for row 2 meaning when you finish row 2 you have a total of 124 double crochets and 12 chain 2 spaces.  

Here is a good article for future reference


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