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Cutting out too many bobble stitches? Can I do that?


So, I am in the middle of making a wrap. This is my second one of the same pattern. The first was perfect. Thus, I figured I had it down and could crochet along without paying attention. Well, after creating about 60 rows I finally layed it out and saw that I screwed up and added too many bobbles on the 8th and 9th rows and then added more on the 10-12th rows. Who knows why, but thankfully the rest of the rows are all correct. So, now instead of being a huge rectangle it bulks up in the areas were stitches were added and, of course, wants to curve. Its not possible to frog it since the wrap contains a lot of intricate stitches and I'm too far along. Believe me I will never do something this stupid again. It's taken at least 100 hours to get where I am. The exact stitch is sc, 5 dc, sc into a row of sc.

Can I just cut out the added stitches and shorten the areas were those additional bobbles are located? If so, what is the best method?

Thank you!

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Sorry you are not going to like my answer.  Cutting crocheted work is rarely a good option.  If you cut out the extras you are going to have  live ends that if somehow are not secured will cause the adjoining parts to unravel.  Stitches that the removed yarn went thru will come undone unless you catch them on some sort of holder.  It would be extremely tricky getting it all hooked back  together and to look right. One missed loop and its ruined.  If it were me (and multiple times I have found myself in similar situations) I would unravel it and redo it chucking it up as lesson learned on paying attention and practice on stitches.  Even if you somehow were successful at removing the extras and hooking everything back up it will take more time than frogging and redoing it.

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