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question about crochet and paint


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You can use Acrylic paint mixed with Fabric Medium. I used that from PLAID company.  100% Cotton will take that paint a lot better. So if your Cat is made with 100% Cotton crochet thread you will be Ok.

I painted many items with that way.  Even some cotton T-shirts for my granddaughters, "edges" on pillow cases and more... Those items were washed many times, by now they outgrow those T-shirts,  BUT that paint looks very good. You can even add Clorox to wash LOL.


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I had never tried to paint threadwork so I didn't offer an opinion earlier, but seeing this now, (with 20/20 hindsight) it occurred to me (and I've done this technique before , sorry it didn't occur to me when you asked), that a non-paint solution could have been to treat the brown color as 'shadow filet'.  It is half-filling a mesh, which gives you a third 'color'--open mesh, filled mesh, half mesh.  This linked pattern is in trebles and uses gross filet (the meshes are 4 stitches  across not 3), but I went with DC and 3 stitch meshes and "inventing" a half mesh as follows:  

I did the shadow stitch like this: skip 1 DC, DC in next DC, ch1, DC in next DC.  So the middle DC was a little crooked, but it slanted 1 stitch "off" in 1 direction on the even rows, and 1 stitch off in the odd rows.  (yeah, that edging needs work...)1131251264_RoseoSummerwithedging.thumb.JPG.b305ffa2ace1131859be72a995c4df62.JPG

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