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2021 Stashbusting CAL


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Year end scores for 2021:

Gold Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +111

Running late: Innked0317 +312

Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +102

howieann -8

greyhoundgrandma -69

2021 Shoot the Moon Winner: PBLKNP -108

I'll be glad to add anyone else who wants their scores on the year end list.


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I'll probably get the new thread up either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. It's a busy week ahead with two PT apts, a chiro apt, keeping the grands for DIL's apt, and taking my cousin for her colonoscopy. 

One of my resolutions for 2022 is to make more time for crocheting and to crochet whether I'm "in the mood to" or not. Also to get in better shape whether I lose any weight or not.

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I'm sorry to post late!! Merry Christmas everyone!

I used 1 skein and 1 ball on a baby blanket and octopus stuffy for my niece, who is expecting a little boy soon. 

WTD +3

YTD +321

I am hoping to finish this blanket I've got on my hook before the actual end of the year...am I the only one here who gets twitchy about carrying projects over to a new year? Lol

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