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2021 Stashbusting CAL


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2021 Stashbusting CAL

This is a continuation of last year's game. With the start of the new year, you get to start with ZERO for your point score. If you want, keep your 2020 score in your signature to remind you to "Do Better".

General Rules:

  • Please sign up to this thread. I will be putting all the names at the end of this post so that we know who's playing.
  • Please include your Stashbusting score in your signature. Example: WTD=+5 YTD=+27.
  • Please post your scores by Midnight on Saturday, so that the scorekeeper can pick them up. Shortly after that, the scorekeeper will be tallying the scores and posting them on Sunday.
  • Please make your score easy to be seen. Large numbers and pretty colors really help.

Example:   WTD=+7 YTD=-9  (WTD= week to date and YTD = Year to date)


Weekly Scores

  • First (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) will be noted on the scorekeeping list on Sunday, along with all the other scores.
  • If you have the largest total in receiving yarn and not using it up, it is called the "Shoot the Moon" award.
  • The "Shoot the Moon" winner from the previous week will be responsible for posting the scores the following week.
  • NOTE: If the "Shoot the Moon" winner is not available to post the scores, please contact me--greyhoundgrandma--as early as possible so that scores can be posted in a timely manner.
  • The scorekeeper should post by 12 noon Eastern Time on Sunday. If it will be posted at another time, due to work, church, etc., please notify the group so that they will know when to expect their scores.


Positive Points

  • For every skein of yarn you use up completely, you get two (2) points. (A skein of yarn is a brand new bundle that you have bought at a store or its equivalent. If you roll it into smaller cakes or balls, it will still count as two (2) points when you use them completely.)
  • For every skein of yarn that you roll into a ball, you get one (1) point.
  • For every ball of yarn you use up, you get one (1) point.

Points can be earned by crocheting, knitting, crafting or donations.

Negative Points

  • For every skein of yarn you buy, receive, or inherit, you lose two (2) points.
  • For every ball of yarn you buy, receive, or inherit, you lose one (1) point.


This is an on-going CAL. Feel free to join at any time!

When you start playing with us for the first time, you DON'T COUNT what's in your stash. For many of us, that would be impossible. You get points when you use up what's in your stash or lose points when you add to your stash.

Your first scores will be posted January 9th, and the first list of scores will be posted on January 10th for the week ending on January 9th.

If you have any questions just post them to the thread.


Good luck with your STASHBUSTING!


Ellie 13










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Mona posted the following yesterday in the Our House Cal.

"Finally time to catch my breath for a few minutes. DH passed away yesterday, so there have been lots of details to iron out and even more phone calls. Funeral is set for Monday, a family only graveside service. He had too many friends to try to have a full open service. I've spent a lot of time on the phone with both boys. They're helping me be strong. It's a lot to take in."

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Okay! I actually made a SLIGHT dent in things.  I’m still working on the afghan I’m making from the leftovers of my Seaside Afghan.  As we haven’t been able to see my step-daughter yet to exchange presents, I may just give them the Seaside Afghan and our grandson the afghan I’m making now.

So:  WTD = +2 and YTD = +2


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Ok so for the first score of 2021....

 Howieann gets the first gold!! +4

PBLKNP has the first silver!!! +2

The rest of us are holding steady with 0 points at the moment ♡

I will do the scores until we get a shoot the moon winner lol

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Hi, I am just jumping back in after a long absence from the forums and I would like to join along in this CAL. It will be good for me to be aware of how much stash I have coming in and going out. Yarn that I knit counts as used stash as well as crochet, right? Also, I have apparently forgotten how to change my signature 😂 

ETA: I figured out how to change my signature but how do I change font size and color?

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Howieann...I updated the post to include your score!

RandiB82...when you're on the page to edit your signature,  check out all the little buttons along the top of the signature box...font size & color options are there somewhere 😀 welcome back!!

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3 hours ago, Inkked0317 said:

Howieann...I updated the post to include your score!

RandiB82...when you're on the page to edit your signature,  check out all the little buttons along the top of the signature box...font size & color options are there somewhere 😀 welcome back!!

I see bold, italics, underline but no color or size 


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I've been a hooking fiend this week, trying to get as much done before my next semester starts on Monday. I finished a baby blanket using squares from the Wrapped in Jaime CAL, I started the Anna's Tales CAL, started the Sophie's Universe pattern, and made a BUNCH of squares using the Northern Diamond design. I was gifted a Scheepjes stone wash/River wash color pack for Christmas, which is what I'm doing the Northern Diamonds with and I'm counting each 10 g color as a 1 point ball. 

This week I used 2 complete skeins between the Jaime, Sophie, and Anna patterns.  I had to order 1 skein for my Sophie. And I've used up 21 balls with the Northern Diamond squares.

WTD :+23

YTD :+23


I will post the groups scoreboard around 1 pm EST tomorrow ♡





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Happy Sunday everyone!

This week's scoreboard has

Inkked0317 +23


and greyhoundgrandma and howieann holding steady!

No Shoot the Moon winner this week! I'll do the scores again next week! 

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I want to rejoin this year. I fell off the bandwagon something fierce after struggling with my depression and losing my job, and then the pandemic and dealing with isolation as an extrovert. I want to try the same format I was talking about last year so I went and copied and pasted my post. 

I joined another crafting stashbusting group on FB and it has a unique setup that I wanted to share with you ladies!
Hey everyone! This is my Introduction and my goals post! My name is Malisa I'm 28;I knit, crochet, sew, cross stitch, and also dabble in painting and dyeing yarn. I am saving up to either go to Reinbeck in October or Maryland's Alpaca and Fiber fest in November (if they happen this year). So my goal is to clear out some spots in my yarn stash for what I will bring home and also have a decent sized chunk of money allotted (I will also be putting the money that I don't spend into an actual jar to keep and save for that purpose!)

I'm giving myself a crafting budget of 
$15 for each month.

For yarn usage because I do a lot of little projects or really big projects like blankets; instead of getting a credit for each crocheted or knitted thing I finish I'm going to give myself

50 cents- for using 50% or less of the original skein of yarn (at the start of this endeavor i.e. if I have a partial skein weighting 80 grams and I use less than 40 grams of it)

$1- for more than 50% of the skein (same analogy more than 40 grams)

25 cents- for each project finished in yarn.

Any crafting that I finish that isn't knit or crocheted:


$1- if it took me less than 15 hours to complete it.
$2- if it took between 15 and 50 hours to complete it.
$5- if it took more than 50 hours to complete.

I will post my scores as normal on here each week; and then at the end of the month I will share how much I spent or saved!

Feel free to join me in this savings attempt I'm excited. (though if you don't have the means or desire you don't also have to save back the money for real)

so far this week I have a score of -8 I bought clearance yarn from Michaels

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I'll join again. I didn't get here since Dec. day unknown. I had computer problems, but I fixed it by getting a new computer :yay  !! I also got a new cell phone:yay !! So for the first week (+2 days) of Jan. I did a lot of :crocheting . I used up 2 small balls 1 red, 1 pink, on heart pins, a skein on baby hats and rolled down 2 skeins cotton on potholders (+ 6) :cheer .  This week, I bought 2 skeins (- 4), I made 5 pocket prayer shawls and I'm working on another potholder. So far no more :yarn used. 

WTD: + 2   YTD: + 2

Ellie 13

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