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Boxing Day 2021 (any charity work!)

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Good evening! I have been making bunny peeps and bunny baskets

Hi all... just wanted to post something that I learned today.  My friend sent me an email saying that the church to which I donated all those bags of yarn have already made 17 lapghans to give away. 

This is one of my favorite of Darski's baby doll patterns.  It brings back childhood memories. Peachy Keen

Posted Images

Wow Darski, those are all so adorable. I can’t even pick a favorite outfit this time. The tiny Christmas babies are very cute. 

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Owlvamp, how is the one per day going? 
Several years ago I tried to get one hat per week. I did pretty good, skidded and ended up with around 40 instead of 52. 
Seems like one year Darski was doing a hat a day. I remember loving all of the different patterns she posted. 
I have to find the sweet spot between goals and pressure!!

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Hi gals...not charity related but my coworker made this pillow for me for my birthday. Too cute. She’s the same one that made the couch. 



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Darski a belated thank you for the box that arrived earlier this week.  I've been forcing myself to do the I MUST DO list instead of wouldn't it be OK to stop and have some fun list but today it was time.

I can't believe you sent the sweater set.  That has been one of my all time favorites of your baby patterns.  The booties did arrive.  They fell off the chair but they will be included in the donation.  They are my all time favorite booties as they actually fit the doll.

Thanks again for your generosity and kindness.  These are going to be some very happy kids this year.


Darski 2021 Donation.jpg.png

Darski 2021a Donation.jpg.png

Darski 2021b Donation.jpg.png

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I am so glad the parcel got to you.  Just a note:  The blue and beige blanket and clothing is part of my B & B pattern set and the little bib belongs to that set.  the blankie is the bed part and the bib is the breakfast part.

B & B set.pdf


My conscience is a bit better after I missed the deadline last year.

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