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I’m pretty new to crochet and I recently got a book with some awesome afghan patterns in it. The one I chose is Wintertime Warmer (part of the reason I chose it was because it said beginner lol). I’ve gotten up to the 4th row where it then says to “Insert hook into first st of row, pick up dropped lip of MC, ch 3” which I managed to do. 


The part that im struggling with is as follows “[insert hook into top of next fort and dc directly behind work a dc st, working over ch-1 sp of previous row, dc in next dc], rep across, turn.” Can anybody explain this part of it to a beginner? Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the 'ville!  Is this the pattern?  The link on Ravelry says there is errata available, not sure if it means for that pattern in particular or others in the same book, but it's not a bad idea to check the errata for books and magazines.  The bad news is, I couldn't find the errata for this one, maybe your searching skills are better than mine (sorry).

This pattern is interesting as the back side looks nice, too.

Did you make a typo in your second paragraph, I can't figure out what 'fort' is or might be a typo for...

In general tho, if you are on (for example) row 4, and there is a chain space in (for example) row 2, it is not uncommon to reach down, in front or behind the fabric, and work a stitch around that chain space.  If you have never worked a stitch 'over' or 'around' a chain space, you just stick the hook in the hole under the chain (as if that hole was the space under the top 2 loops of a stitch), and work the stitch as normal.

One of the nice properties of crochet is that it offers all sorts of unusual places to make a stitch to achieve different looks.

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Ah, fptr makes much more sense.  

So, you have already made a front post triple in a row below your current one (this isn't exactly a real beginner stitch by my definition).   When you make a post stitch, you work around the post of a stitch, which leaves the top of that stitch 'unused'.  The instruction “[insert hook into top of next fptr and dc directly behind work a dc st" means to stick your hook into the top loops of the 2 underlined stitches (the dc is the stitch you worked the fptr around, the top of the dc should be just behind and a little below the top of the fptr), joining them together--so you  will be making 1 stitch by "YO, stick your hook under the 2 loops of the FPTR, and the 2 top loops of the DC the FPTR was made into, and complete a DC stitch". 

I hope that make sense?  This makes it even less of a beginner pattern; pattern ease rating is usually "beginner, easy, intermediate, experienced"--I'd call that transaction more intermediate, possibly easy, but not beginner.  On the other hand, you are learning a lot!  

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