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St. Nicholas is coming to Town!

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On the 6th of December in many European countries St. Nicholas' Day is celebrated. St. Nicholas was a bishop and he's famous for giving presents to others. Nowadays he is often shown like Santa Claus. 

Anyway, in Poland St. Nicolas brings presents at night and leaves them in your shoes (if you polished them perfectly before 😊). In case you were not very nice, you can find old potatoe or coal in your shoe instead... 

We were nice and we not only found some gifts in the morning, but also it seems Santa's Team moved in for good 😁😁😁

Of course I was inspired by Mary Jo's seasonal tables 🥰

I wanted it to be surprise so I used to crochet in the evenings, when my daughter was sleeping. The dolls of Mr and Mrs Clause, the Christmas Elf and the Figgy Pudding are new. 

The rest was made some time ago. 






The Figgy Pudding is from the pattern "Figgy Christmas Pudding" by Cecilią from Irissesile, 

The Christmas Elf and Mr and Mrs Santa are patterns by KnitAmiracle. 

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That is just adorable.  I love the figgy pudding and the snowmen.  The new Santa and Mrs. Clause and the new Elf are just great.

You have really done a very bit of cuteness.  It is a great display.


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I grew up near Pittsburgh and there was a lot of German influence.  We celebrated St. Nicholas Day and I passed the tradition on to my daughters.  My granddaughter can't leave her shoes out (they live in a condo), so I usually get a small paper shoe and fill it with candies and deliver it while they still sleep. 

I went to a boarding high school and we re-created St. Nick and hung him on the dormitory doors and put out our shoes.  The German nuns running the school did not hesitate to place coal for the naughty ones. 

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