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HELP!!! Confusing pattern


Hi! For Christmas, I'm trying to make a blanket for my mom, and while I've been crocheting for a few months now, my current pattern doesn't really make sense. The first row is fine, but I don't know how to work the second row in a way that ends up looking the picture AND having all of the stitches that the pattern says I should have after completing this row. Does anyone have any advice?

Could the RS and WS be causing my issue?

Here's Row 1 for context, Row 2 that is causing my problem, and a link to what it should look like. 

(chain 175 loosely)

Row 1 WS: Sc in 3rd ch from hook, place marker in ch2 turning sp just made, sc in next 2 chs, [ch 2(counts as 1), sk next ch, sc in next 3 chs] across to last 6 chs, ch 2 sk next ch, sc in next 5 chs, turn (should have: ch2 turning space, 131 sc, 42 ch2 sps)

Row 2 RS: Trtr around sk foundation ch below first ch2 sp, place marker in top of st just made, sc in next 2 sc, place marker around post of last sc made, sc in next sc, [trtr around sk foundation ch of next ch2 sp, sc in next ch space and in next two sc] across to last ch2 sp, dtr in marked turning ch sp, remove this marker, sc in last ch2 space, sc in next sc, place marker around post of sc just made, sc in last 2 sc, sk previously worked turning ch, turn (should have: 42 trtr, 130 sc, 1 dtr)

Thank you!

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No link :(   A lot of times looking at the finished item when you have a question, will answer the question.

Meanwhile...wrong side / right side is just orienting you, maybe x rows from now it will tell you do something 'with right side facing', like the border perhaps.

Round 1 makes sense.  In both round 1 and 2, the part inside [  ] gets repeated until the point near the end when it tells you to do something else.

Round 2 -the first stitch, it should have said whether the tr into the foundation chain goes in front of or behind the stitches in row 1; and as I keep reading, same with the rest of the trebles made the same way.  Is this part of what doesn't make make sense?  Will go into more detail of how to do this either way if so.  I assume sk means 'skipped', there should be a stitch definition section.  

Do you know what the post of a stitch means?  It means around the body of the stitch, not in the top of the stitch.  By the wording it sounds like you might be making a post stitch into that stitch later.

Those were the only things that struck me as possibly confusing (but let me know if I overlooked something); the ch2 (counts as 1) was odd wording, but makes sense - it counts as 1 chain space.


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