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I need help would a lace glove pattern.


I'm making a pair of lace gloves from a vintage pattern. 

I'm stuck on the thumb piece. I've worked the pattern for the glove and the thumb, but it's not making sense as I'm sewing up work. 

This is the cover photo


This is the link to pattern I'm using. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/855718358/womens-lacy-gloves-vintage-30s-40s?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=vintage+crochet+lace+gloves+1930s+pattern&ref=sr_gallery-1-2&organic_search_click=1

The cover photo and the photos in the pattern don't show what the thumb looks like, so I have nothing to guide me. 

Here's photos of the glove (thus far) and the thumb piece.20201123_171439.thumb.jpg.58b754612fb76319101a27a9eeb7fcf0.jpg20201123_171614.thumb.jpg.675230be777c3f2c86ab2be8447ccf76.jpg

Other important information to tell you.

The glove is worked palm first, fingers second.

I made a front and back piece and have stitched them together.

Here's a piece of the pattern.

The Thumb

Fasten off, secure, then sew up seam down the straight edges, leaving shaped sides of the gusset to be sewn into the hand section. 

*this is at the end of the thumb pattern*

Making up the Glove

Sew the front and the back of each glove together.

Sew each thumb into position, the point of the gusset being 3/4 inch up from wrist edge. Sew up side seam from gusset to wrist edge.

Update: I solved the thumb piece! I didn't really but I made a thumb by working around the gap. 

Shoutout to Granny Sqaure, I wouldn't have done it without you!




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Hi, I think we met on another thread here.  Totally still have not crocheted gloves (yet), but have knit a couple sets of fingerless gloves that had a gusset & partial thumb, but it wasn't pieced like this.

Shouldn't you have continued the seam down to the spot where the palm piece "indents" for the gusset & thumb?  Meaning, I have 1.5" or so from the base of my first finger to the top of my thumb, which coincides with the area at the side of the hand I'm trying to describe . 

There is no gusset piece in your photo--that's what would go in the indented area, and the thumb (looks like it) would be sewn to the gusset on the palm side and the open area of the back of the hand.  I hope you aren't missing part of the pattern!

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Hi Granny Square, we have met before. You helped me last time. Thank for that time and now for your help.

I haven't sewn the seam all the way down, just for the photo.

I don't know if there is a gusset piece.

According to the pattern the both hand pieces are reversible. The front and the back hand are worked in the same way except the front hand has an extension where the seam edge of the thumb is sewn in.

I just read the thumb section and it says to work another piece in the same way. 

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