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Need help with this pattern!


🥰 Thank you so much!!! I knew how to do the fpts but I was lost when it started talking about ‘row before last’. The light bulb went off once BGS broke it down for me and mentioned going down a row. Now I’m making progress again (see blue pic on bottom). Thank you guys!!!🥰 

I’m making a stitch sampler blanket and I can’t figure out these instructions! Number 3 has me stumped! I’m afraid to look at 5 and 7 now...lol





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Update and thanks!
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Just work thru it one stitch at a time.  Stitch guide probably told you how to make a fptr


You are making the fptr around the post of a hdc on row 1.  

Next you are skipping the stitch on row 2 which lays behind your bptr and making a hdc into each next 2 stitches of row 2.

Now go back to row 1 and count over 5 stitches from where the first bptr was made and make a bptr around that stitch.

Skip the stitch on row 2 which lays behind your bptr and then make a hdc into each of next 2 stitches of row 2.

Do the sequence inside the brackets [ ] 3 times.  When you get to the second * you go back to the first * and work thru it all  one more time and then continue on.

Sometimes I rewrite rows and break it up into lines so I can follow it easier.  I go ahead and write out the repeats so I dont get lost.


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I agree with BGS, and for the rewriting the rows - sometimes when I write something out, like in ancient times when I took notes in lecture classes, the act of writing it down helped me understand and remember it. 

Or, an alternative to that, / when I encounter a huge 'paragraph' like row 3, / that takes up 9 lines in a column, / I often make slashes between 'phrases' / to visually break it up, / this lets me 'see' it in smaller chunks.

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