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Hi, so im stuck on a pattern i purchased. 

Row 1: Ch 18, starting in 2nd BB (Back Bump the loop under your V in a ch) hdc 1 across, ch 2, turn. (17)

Row 2: Begin working in BLO hdc 1 in 1st 15sts, hdc inc in the nxt5sts, hdc 1 in the last 15sts, ch 2, turn. (40) 


I dont understand how to do this? 

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^ what BGS said.

Just wanted to add: the second technique, working in the back loop of a stitch (not the chain, the back loop in the top of a non-chain stitch, BLO in a pattern), is done for a reason - can be decorative or sometimes functional, the unused front loop leaves a raised line on the front of the fabric.

The first thing, working into the back bump of a chain, is (most probably) optional, and comes with a warning:  this way of working into a chain pulls the chain tight, and normally you want to use a hook 1 or 2 sizes bigger than the rest of your fabric to make the chain, to compensate for this.  The reason I said 'most probably optional' is that I never use it (because it pulls the chain quite tight, is annoyingly fiddly, and slows me down), and have never had a reason to regret not using it. I use the top loop (with the chain side facing me), which leaves the back bump and the lower front-facing chain loop unused, it does not pull tight and leaves a nice edge like a chain with it's legs crossed.

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