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.hi brenda  I  I’m hoping you made a copy of the leisure arch leaflet which showed the hightop converse and the Mary Jane’s. I still have the magazine pictures but no instructions. I crocheted the top for my son 41 years ago I think and now he wants one for his son who is7F7C561E-8C0D-476D-B723-9104DE81733A.thumb.jpeg.1042a1f6e7958e9026d2e20dc9fd6b39.jpeg7F7C561E-8C0D-476D-B723-9104DE81733A.thumb.jpeg.1042a1f6e7958e9026d2e20dc9fd6b39.jpeg one. Going by the seat of my pants is definitely not working please please please please help me

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thank you Bailey.  I got the pattern from ladies home journal Or something of that ilk in tje 70s.  I was on touch woth the magazine Several years ago but they said they contracted that pattern out and were unable to find a copy of it. I’m voice texting so forgive the misspellings etc. thanks again, Dee

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