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Stuck on a pattern


So, I'm working on an amigurumi of my favorite pokemon and I found a really good pattern. I am, however having a bit of trouble and reached out to people on Facebook and the designer, but no one has wanted to help.

This is the link to the pattern: http://www.1upcrochet.com/2018/08/vaporeon-amigurumi-pattern.html?m=1

I finished the main part of the body, so rounds 1 thru 25. 

Rounds 26 and 27 are to increase the height in the back: 

Round 26)          SC 7, sl st, turn
Round 27)          SC 6, sl st
So I stitch 7 single crochet, and make a slip stitch, but am I slip stitching in the 8th sc of the round or is that supposed to be like a turning chain? I tried it both ways, and it doesn't sit well when it doesn't have the ch1 before the turn.
Then, I don't finish off before I add the white yarn for the collar, so what is the easiest way to add the white yarn? Every color change I've done was always at the end of a row, never a round. 
Finally, I was glancing ahead at the collar and it's pretty straightforward until
 ... SC, CH 3, *SC 1, HDC*into chain, SC into 3rd st from chain, SC, SL ST
            Repeat around. 
Finish off.

 So I understand this as sc1, ch3, and sc hdc in 3rd ch space? Then sc and sl st
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Rows 26 and 27  will make a 'hill', these are called short rows - where you work partway around, turn, work a partial row or round, turn, etc.  The designer explains this right before those rows: "Now we will crochet in rows to slightly increase the height of one side of the body. This side of increased height will be the backside of the body."

This should have been made clear, but I am guessing that the slip stitch at the ends of rows 26 would be down into the next st of row 25, and the slst at the end of row 27 down into row 26.  This would make a smooth-ish 'hill'. Good question on the turning chain, but I don't think so; if you want a smooth bump that blends in, a slst and then a turn without a turning chain would be a good way to do it.

Typically you change color in the middle of a row by working the last stitch of the old color up to the last yarn over and pull thru - at which point you drop the old color behind the work, and yarn over and pull thru the new color to complete that stitch--this sounds strange but it makes a smoother appearing transition.

Your last question - ".. SC, CH 3, *SC 1, HDC*into chain, SC into 3rd st from chain, SC, SL ST, repeat around" - I'm glad there is a pic of what it is supposed to look like at this point (reminds me of a sea anemone, sort of) -- this instruction makes the 'bumps' around the edge, similar to a picot.   The problem is making 3 chains, turning and working 2 stitches into the chain seems like too much of a stretch--because doing that literally, you are working backward to the SC I highlighted in red, not forward 3 stitches beyond the last SC made.

The object is to make 'bumps' around the top of the collar.  The last round was 52 stitches, which divides evenly by 4.  I suspect that there was a typo in there, and also an asterisk used in a non-standard way, I'd re-write this as: *SC, CH 3, (SC 1, HDC) into chain, SC in the next 3 stitches, repeat around".  The 1 after the SC in the parentheses might also have been meant to be 'CH 1', because why not say 'sc 1, hdc 1' to be consistent, or leave the ones out altogether otherwise.  Putting a chain in there would make the 'bump' a little bigger, which couldn't hurt.

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