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Crochet Beginner Online or Book Resources

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Lion Brand Yarn has a good tutorial section on learning Crochet. They include videos and written instructions for each stitch.

Yarnspirations website also has tutorials to learn by.

There are several free books on Amazon.com-Kindle Store to help also.

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I'm a huge fan of children's learn to crochet books.  I checked a bunch out of the children's library and even bought a few when I was starting out.  The pictures tend to be incredibly detailed and the directions very specific.  I have the Crochet Answer book and picked it up as a kindle book a few years ago when it was on sale for practically nothing. I also loved the Teach Yourself Visual Crochet for the pictures.  The projects in the kids books weren't terribly appealing but other than the dish cloths I made I didn't keep any of the early projects I made. 

The dish cloths were used until they wore out because I really didn't care how they looked so I've found over the years dish cloths have made great learning tools when I've wanted to learn to do something new.  People have argued with me over the years because some argue kitchen cotton isn't the easiest to work with when you are learning to crochet but it was what finally turned the corner for me.  The projects were quick and I felt like I was accomplishing something I'd use and keep rather than the original projects I tried and would never have used.

These days when I need a quick reference I must say I do look for online videos from a variety of sources.  There are so many online sources if you don't understand how one person explains something you can go on to the next link until you find one that explains it in a way that you understand.

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