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Confusion on Reading the Pattern



I am fairly new at crocheting and i’m trying out this baby shirt. To start row one, it tells me to “Chain 43 hdc in 2nd chain”. I am not sure if I am supposed to start the hdc in the second from the hook or second chain from where I started. Could anyone give me some advice?

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Aryn, I just answered your question in your other thread.

NCcountrygal mentioned foundation stitches, these are something very different and IMO not a beginner 'thing', not that they are horribly difficult but that you have to know when it makes sense to use them, and know when they won't be practical.  Your pattern is starting with a foundation chain which works for anything worked in rows.  Your pattern (apparently) does not call out not foundation stitches since you have foundation chains (a foundation is normally one or the other, not both, ).

Foundation stitches make sense when row 1 is a plain stitch,  in straight rows.  Your baby shirt may very well be this, but if it isn't, foundation HDCs are probably not the best idea and would (probably) be more frustrating if you are a very beginner crocheter.

Many lace stitch patterns, for example, worn't work with foundation stitches; sometimes the row after the foundation chain of lace patterns incorporates the foundation chain in a different way, pulling the chain up vertically as part of a compound stitch, and that needs to be a skinny chain not a chunky foundation SC or DC.  There is no occasion (working flat) where foundation chains won't work; I have been crocheting for decades and reserve foundation stitches only for 'working into the air', example for things with side shaping where more than a couple of stitches need to 'stick out of the end of a row all of a sudden'.   

Caveat:  I think foundation stitches are more annoying than working into a chain, and working into a chain IMO looks better so I only use foundation stitches when I 'have', to, which means when the alternative is even more annoying.  Not everyone agrees with me, but that's what makes the world go around...

So I'm not saying foundation stitches are bad, or not to ever use them - give them a try on a swatch, or for your next project look for a pattern that calls for their use.  But if you are really are a beginner, it's a good idea to follow a few patterns 'as is' first to learn cause and effect, before tinkering with it.  

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