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I'd like help substituting the suggested hdc back loop ribbing on my sweater for a imo neater & quicker post stitch ribbing...how would I approach this without fudging up the pattern? I included screenshots of the portion of the pattern I'm having difficulty with and the necessary information to make the change...lastly I'm working with the 1st size small 48 bust. Thank you in advance 😘





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The first row of the body after the ribbing tells you the # of stitches you need for the 4 sizes of the body adjacent to the ribbing 106 (118, 130, 142).  Just distribute the post stitches evenly across that number.  I assume there is a front and back and they're sewn together at the side, right?  So you'd want to distribute them so they look reasonable after seaming.  You will lose the elastic function of the BLO ribbing stitch tho, which is a consideration with the great positive ease of that sweater.  

Edit, might look better and have it pull in at the bottom a little (if you want) if you went down a hook size or 2 for the ribbing.


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