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Good day folks.

I’ve been living in Canada since ‘69. I was born in Amsterdam and raised there until our family was sponsored to come join our family in Canada.

Having been hospitalized for a head injury while still in Holland, my grand parents would come to baby sit me while both parents worked and I watched my grandma making clothes for her grand daughters Barbie dolls. I never did anything with what I watched her do until after we came to Canada and I started to get sick and required a lot of surgeries for what turned out to be Crohn’s Disease, which was then still unheard of. But because I was spending a lot of time in a Toronto hospital and we lived in Niagara Falls I would not get a lot of visitors since both parents worked. So I started to crochet things while I was in the hospital and started selling them. That helped me pay for my TV and Pizza when my diet allowed it.

Now many years later i’m on disability and make afghans to sell as an additional income to my disability cheques.

I’ll add a picture of the main pattern I've been using but am looking to make a change.



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You mentioned looking at other (blanket?) patterns to make a change, yarnspirations.com has lots of free blanket patterns online.  A while back Spinrite bought out a bunch of yarn companies (including Bernat, Red Heart, Caron, Lily, and others), and their free patterns are on that site now; you might want to take a look, you can fine-tune what you want to look for (crochet, blanket, etc.).  I know the old Red Heart site had a lot of 'aran style' blanket patterns like yours on there.

This link takes you to the crochet blanket pattern page.

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