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Very nice! :)

I remember few years ago I started working on scarf/shawl with pockets for my daughter. I NEWER attached those pockets to that scarf. Because I realized that those pockets will not be holding on good- not for long to that shawl with often usage (putting hands in & out). I knew that "base" for those pockets, that shawl was not strong enough not to start pulling out yarn in those upper corners. I was thinking to even add some fabric on the other side to make that stronger. I never done that because it would not look very good on the other side.

That is my story about my shawl with pockets LOL

I did give my daughter that scarf with no pockets.


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I have a pocket shawl I made several years ago but the base is much more solid (no holes) so the pockets have stayed on and I love it during the winter.  It stays downstairs on the back of my chair for when I'm cold.  I use the pockets to warm my hands.  I made scarves for my MIL and SIL with pockets and they loved them.  I have one I've never finished for myself that I keep thinking I'll get too one day but I am more likely to start a new one and work it to finish.

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