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Retro crochet bath


Hello ladies,

I'm looking for a retro crochet bath set. It includes; a rug, a tank cover, seat cover and tissue cover.

To me it looks like a cluster or puff stitch since I only have pictures that I'll try to post here.

Please let me know if someone knows of this pattern. I'm willing to buy it or maybe someone

knows where I can find it?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you,


110286158_3491499687529120_2646307916146242506_o 2.jpg

108676873_3491499507529138_6955870897403186942_o 7-29-20.jpg


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Did you already look thru the patterns listed on ravelry?  There is at least one puff st hexagon that you could use for the rug.  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=crochet&pc=home&query="Puff stitch"&sort=best&view=captioned_thumbs&page=1

there might be other things listed that you can find by changing the search parameters there.  

If you can't locate the pattern for the set, Maybe you could use a hat pattern for the tissue cover?  

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