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Don’t understand this direction


I am making a crocheted cactus ( in the round) and am stuck on this.

round 4: *1 sc( UK dc), I ch, 1 sc( UK dc)in the first ch sp, 1 ch, 1 sc (UK dc) in next ch sp, 1 ch* six times (36 sts) 

Not understanding the ‘ in the first ch so’.

thanks, Mandy 


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Assuming you made a wee typo and so is sp (space) (so, as Magiccrochetfan pointed out, assuming there must be a chain space in the round below)--is the question 'how do you make a stitch into a chain space'?

Treat the chain as you would the top 2 loops of a 'normal' stitch, like dc;  if you were stitching into a dc, you'd stick the hook under the top 2 loops, right?  So stick the hook UNDER the chain (into the space), yarn over, and make your stitch - it will enclose the chain.

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