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PERFECT ELASTIC for FACE MASK - I found that! :)


Here is a link to perfect elastic for face mask. I was looking for a very soft elastic for a long time. Bought couple bad once :(.

I finally found that!:). In case anyone is searching for that here it is:



Set of 2, Each 11 Yards 1/4 inch Elastic Bands Elastic String Cord Heavy Strentch High Elasticity Soft Knit Ear Tie Rope Handmade for Sewing Craft DIY Mask - Black & White

I am not sewing many face masks, just for my friends. Today I need to make at least two of them for our friend in Arizona. I NEED to make them today I told him I will mail them on Monday :). I will get to that! LOL.


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Thanks for the link, it's been ages since I bought elastic but that's 22 yards total, so sounds like a good price especially since it's a little different than the usual 'sewing stuff'.

I made 2 sets of masks for me and DH, one set has elastic around each ear ('usual sewing stuff' left over from other sewing projects), the other was originally 2 ties but I 'retrofitted' to a method I read about later with 1 strip that acts like 2 ties, but also gathers up the sides (if you want) to fit better.  It's close to a toss-up, but I'm sort of thinking I like the second style a little bit better since you can tie it once and then pull it down around your neck and pull it back up when you need it again (I wear it when I get out of the car but take it off to drive since any style seems to fog my glasses once in a while).  This shows the concept - for the ties I used a strip 2' long, 1" wide cut from an old T-shirt - it curls around lengthwise to look like a skinny cord, doesn't unravel, and is a little stretchy.

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