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Patons Grace V Neck Top



I'm Sarah and I'm having trouble understanding the following instructions for armhole shaping for the top I'm crocheting. I haven't crocheted for awhile and am quite confused.

Armhole shaping: 1st row: Sl st in first dc, ch-2 sp, dc, sc, (dc, ch-2 sp) twice, dc, sc, dc, ch-2 sp and dc. Ch 1. 1 sc in same sp as last sl st. Pat to last 2 shells. Miss next dc, ch-2 sp. 1 sc in next dc. Turn. Leave rem sts unworked. 14 (16-18) Shells.

Does the above mean:

-after the sl st I dc & sc in the ch-2 sp

-where do I sc, dc? are they in the first ch-2 sp?

-the only sl st is the one at the start of this row? Do I sc in that sl st?

2nd row: Sl st in first sc, dc, ch-2 sp and dc. Ch 1. 1 sc in same sp as last sl st. Pat to last Shell.Miss next dc and ch-2 sp. 1 sc in next dc. Turn. Leave rem sts unworked.

Similar questions for the above.

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I would take it to mean slip stitch across all the blue stitches.  To test if this is correct -- the 'indenting' for the armholes should be the same on each side; I'm counting 5 blue stitches (dc-ch-ch-dc-sc) to slst over, so the part left unworked at the end should also be 5 stitches.

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