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New to crochet


I am new to crochet and stuck on a pattern, working in the round. The pattern says this:

Round 3: sc2 in every stitch (20). Round 4: *sc 3, sc2 in next stitch; repeat from* around (25)

so I did round 3 and counted 20 stitches. For round 4 I did 3 single crochets in one stitch, then 2 in the next and repeated; however I ended up the 50 stitches, unlike the 25 the pattern says I should have. Also the circle won’t lie flat, it’s wiggly, kinda like a Pringle.

Where have I gone wrong?!? 

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the 'ville!

"Round 3: sc2 in every stitch (20).

Round 4: *sc 3, sc2 in next stitch; repeat from* around (25)"

Crochet pattern 'grammar rule' = if it says to crochet x stitches, and doesn't say where to put them, you put 1 stitch into each of the next x stitches in the row below.  If it had wanted you to put 3 into 1 stitch, it would have had to tell you "3 sc in the next stitch, something else in the following stitch...."

Patterns DO sometimes have errors or typos, but the best thing to do, especially for a beginner, is to do exactly what it says, don't assume it meant to tell you something else.  I've been crocheting for decades, and can usually 'crochet in my head' to see if it sounds right, but I always follow what it says - worst thing that can happen is it was a typo after all, and I need to rip out that 1 row - but often by the wrong result I can do a little math or otherwise figure out what the typo/error was.

Look at your pattern:  Round 3 had 20 stitches.  Round 4 will have 25 stitches.  Logically, it makes no sense to add more than 5 stitches, right?  Five goes into 20 four times, so logically to increase evenly you'd add increase every 4th stitch--which is exactly what it says to do.  ( just explaining the steps of my analysis of the pattern to give you an idea of how to troubleshoot future patterns on your own)

There is some math, or I should say grade school arithmetic (and a little geometry, sometimes, but still grade school level), involved with crochet--especially when you are working in the round, in order to keep it flat.  Even so, a little dollar store calculator lives in my crochet bag at all times...


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