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Help with pattern for a beginner


Hi all, 

I am trying this free chameleon pattern (https://amigurumifree.net/amigurumi-chameleon-free-pattern/?fbclid=IwAR3YVVpqNOioeJ05YDLsWZaWFr3vuFVa1FVjk313Hz4iwWCBS4Bae8Pqsw8) I have done until row 13 and now im really confused. 

I realised i had been doing it 'inside out' so i flipped it and it does look better. Now it calls for 30 stitches in the back loop and then continuing the pattern in the front loop (to add a neck frill I think), but that would mean the frill thing is on the inside of the circle... 

Was I right the first time with the 'wrong side' on the outside? 


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Welcome to the 'ville!  That is one cute chameleon!

Is the confusion "for the back half loop 30 sc"?  To re-write rnd 13 more conventionally -- "sc BLO around (30 sc)".

Look at the top of the crochet stitches, there are 2 loops that look like a chain, sort of like this = .  The loop farthest away from you is the back loop; when you work in the back loop (BLO=back loop only), it leaves the front loop unused which forms a raised line that can either be decorative or functional.

As you might guess, the front loop is the one closest to you, which you will be working into in the following round (FLO).

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