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Help with a pattern, increases on a sleeve - help still needed pretty please


Hi all, hoping someone can help with this, I just can't work it out. I'm on the Increase row, and have just finished the sleeve cuff (ribbed). I have 36 stitches, and need to work the pattern (basically a V stitch, and explained in row 2 - I think!), but can't work out what the pattern is telling me to do in terms of the increases. I've included a photo of the sleeve in case it helps. Nowhere does the pattern explain 'patt' (other than to tell me it means pattern), so I am having to assume that row 2 is the patter.. which based on the image seems right.

Very greatful for any help on this one :)




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It's one of the books that came along with my Big and Little Crochet Hachette Partworks subscription. As far as I'm aware they haven't published an errata, although I can email them and ask. I imagine the pattern would be row 2, as it alternates between that and a row of plain stitches, which is row 1, and the next row.

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