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Tunisian Wine Bottle Cozy - perfect for Christmas gifts!

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I recently heard about ‘Christmas in July’ and just thinking about the holidays made me very happy! I designed this wine bottle cozy and made a few for gifting at the end of this year!

This is an intermediate level Tunisian crochet pattern and comes with two options - one that ends at the neck of the bottle and another that goes all the way to the cap of the bottle and ends with a ruffle.. The only tricky part is to work in a round with such a small circumference. If you know how to make a handful of basic Tunisian stitches and how to work in a round, this should not be too difficult and you will have some very pretty handmade gifts ready in no time!


Here's the free pattern: https://knitterknotter.com/a-taste-of-honey-wine-bottle-cozy-free-pattern/

Tunisian Wine Bottle Cozy - Square 1.jpg

Tunisian Wine Bottle Cozy - Square 3.jpg

Tunisian Wine Bottle Cozy - Square 9.jpg

Tunisian Wine Bottle Cozy - Square 2.jpg

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Very nice!

Couple years ago I crochet  few of Santa Wine Cozy's. They were really nice. Looked great as a Christmas decoration on a table or any other place.. I give away all of them and I do not have any left for me!.  LOL


I went back to get picture of my Santa Wine Bottle cozy :)



DSC00228 (1).JPG

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