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July 2020 Table & Tree

Tampa Doll

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Here we are on the 4th.  A lot different from when I grew up.

We lived in a small section of Camden, NJ.  We had a WWII memorial in the middle of the town and we always had a big celebration with speeches and a parade.  

The street I lived on, had a big neighboorhood BBQ  in the front yards.  The kids ran thru the hose Dad hooked up to the Flag pole and pointed to the ally.  We had sparklers and caps.  Cap guns, cap sticks and just a hammer and caps.  It was always loud and fun.  When it would start to get dark, we would pack up chairs and walk to a bridge that crossed over a main road and sit to watch fireworks in 4 different locations.  Then we would all go home and finish with the nieghborhood party.

Here is my table and tree deducated to our Military and the fun we had as kids.


July 2018 Table (3).jpg

July 2018 Table (2).JPG

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