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What part isn't making sense, or is it the whole thing?  The only peculiar (but helpful, I guess) thing is the tr(dc) -- it sounds like the designer is trying to give both UK and US terms at the same time (UK tr = US dc).  I'm going to guess that this is a UK pattern because US ones will usually say skip instead of miss.

So breaking it down, leaving the tr but deleting the dc for clarity and my comments underlined: 

(3 ch, 2 tr, 3 ch, 3 tr) into same ch to make first corner, --  Normal crochet pattern punctuation rule : (stuff in parentheses) all goes into 1 stitch

((miss 2 ch, 1 tr into next 3 ch) 13 times, I hope this is clear? It sounds like you are working across the straight side of the square.  Do the sequence in the ( ) a total of 13 times

miss 2 ch, (3 tr, 3 ch, 3 tr)) 4 times before the last corner ch sp sts,  similar to above, do the stuff in the ( ) a total of 4 times.  Ch sp sts means chain space stitches.

ss into 3rd ch.  The slip stitch completes the round by connecting to the beginning of the round.

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Thank you so very much for clarifying this pattern for me. I’m very new at crocheting and have been looking at YouTube videos to learn how. And you were exactly right I was hung up on the UK version versus US. You are so very knowledgeable. I’ve just finished round four and I’m sure I’m gonna have more questions soon. Again thank you so much

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