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Tunisian Mask Mates - Free PDF download!

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A mask mate or an ear saver is an accessory that can be used with a face mask to prevent sore ears. Prolonged use of a face mask with elastic bands that go over the ears can make the ears very sore. There are a lot of health care workers who could benefit from using these mask mates because they have to wear such masks on a daily basis for long hours. These mask mates are made up of 100% cotton and are washable. They require a small amount of yarn and 2 buttons and are really quick to make!

1. They prevent ears from getting sore because of prolonged use of masks.
2. They help people with small heads because the mask fits better with them.
3. They are made of cotton so they can be washed in hot water and disinfected.
4. They need a tiny amount of yarn so they can be made out of scraps.
5. If you haven’t tried Tunisian crochet, this is a great pattern for beginners :)

The free pattern is available on my blog - you can find links for downloading the free PDF here too: https://knitterknotter.com/tunisian-mask-mates-ear-savers-free-pattern/




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