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There’s a “textured panels throw” in Crochet World February 2020. The finished measurement is 48”x 60 “ but I would like to make it a baby blanket that’s maybe 30 x 40”. 

I’m trying to figure out; they start with a chain of 172 and in the end they’re repeating the 4 rows 35 times, so could I reduce that by a multiple of something  (4?) to get good dimensions for a baby blanket.  I don’t want to have to draw the whole thing out. 
Help is appreciated!  

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I am not the best with figuring out stitch multiples, BUT here is a trick that is very handy: make a chain a bit longer than 30", turn, work back and work as many pattern repeats as you can, leaving some excess chains.  Finish your blanket to 40" length.  Pick out the knot and extra chains and and weave in the end - it won't unravel from that direction; it's a minor nuisance to pick out the chains, but less than that of coming up a couple of chains short and having to start over. 

I always do this even if I'm following a pattern and it tells me to chain more than 100, I throw in extras just in case.

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